Self Awareness ~ Arts & Craft Activity

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April 27, 2019
The Nest 29 Federal St, next to Antonio’s Pizza, Belchertown

Join us for an interactive activity facilitated by the Women’s Collaborative. The objective of our activity will give women and young girls an opportunity to clarify what they want out of life, and an opportunity to reflect & share what’s true for them in the current moment. Sometimes we do not take the time to breathe, never mind discover what the soul wants and needs. Join us in this activity, your soul will thank you someday as you meet your aspirations and goals.

I Am Enough – Workshop for Women

I Am Enough – Belchertown Women’s Collaborative Workshop Two Part Series.

This registration is for our first workshop on Sunday Feb 10 8:45AM – 12:45PM.
The second workshop is TBA in Spring 2019.

Registration Fee: $25 pre-pay  | $30 at door
(light snacks, tea & water included in registration fee)

This workshop is presented in collaboration with members of The Belchertown Women’s Collaborative, hosted at The Nest (29 Federal St. Belchertown, Ma), a warm and inviting space full of positive energy that exists to build healthy communities.

Bios for the first session and summaries of February workshops will be posted on The Women’s Collaborative Facebook Page:

During our time together at the I Am Enough workshop in February, we will start our day with a guided activity to set our individual intention for the day. Our first group session will combine Reiki with Sound Bowl healing. Many have experienced a sense of emotional, mental, and spiritual revitalization with the integration of both healing modalities. This will be our first step in I Am Enough: our relationship with self-care and a connection to mind, body & spirit.

After we ground and transition back together, Women’s Collaborative member, Shawn Vallee will lead us in an exploration around the cultural conditioned notions of intimacy, including the stories we have crafted around intimacy and sex. In the context of I Am Enough, starting with ourselves and the stories we are in is a conversation to explore to build the capacity to share intimate and creativity without inhibition with partners.

At the close of our time together, you will have the option to share, and the option to remain in self-reflection.  This is an opportunity to talk through and develop action steps to integrate self-care and receiving into our lives.

I Am Enough is just the beginning to a life of intentional design & purpose.

BWC ~ An Evolving Odessey

The flagship women’s collaborative has been meeting since January 2017. Mary Knight, fellow collaborator, has volunteered to create this website that shows upcoming events. On this very first blog post, I would like to take some time to provide an overview of past events.

Over the course of the months, we have engaged in rich conversations about who we are and our role in the world. Each session has an activity to provoke dialogue. We do this to keep our compass calibrated. It is easy to get lost in the woods or caught up in the drift. These conversations are designed to orient us back to who we are and how we wish to live a fulfilled life, as we each define it.

Over the summer, we spent a few sessions talking about how we each define success.

Some questions we explored:

  • What does a successful life look for you now? If you had a magic wand, what would be different?
  • What is a next action you can take to make this happen?
  • What’s preventing you from making this happen?
  • What are 2 to 3 ways you can ask others for help or guidance so that barrier is knocked down?

Last spring, we talked about defining goals and vision. We talked about how cultural conditioning and our backgrounds impact how we engage and observe our world.

Gina led us through a vision board activity in the winter to get our frame of mind ready to see what barriers we were to break down this year. So far, so many have made great strides since we began our sessions together. We are here to help hold each other accountable to fulfill your dreams and goals.

Lean on us to support you!


Setting & Manifesting Intention

On September 21st, Marilyn Iannaccone – a Belchertown resident, women’s collaborative member and owner of – explained how we can use the power of the moon by making moon elixirs to shift our tides and help our visions become reality. We learned the different moon cycles and the ways in which we can use these moon elixirs on a daily basis to reinforce our intentions.

Sara Vatore led us outside into a guided meditation. The visualization set the foundation for setting intentions from a grounded, centered, open and intentional place. This provoked rich conversations about goals, barriers and community support.

From: Marilyn Iannaccone
October 3
Hello All! Thank you so very much for inviting me to share my passion for all things Lunar with our lovely group. I enjoyed our afternoon immensely! I hope you all felt the same way. The space and setting were so beautiful, but to be surrounded by such amazing women is truly a blessing. I am grateful for our special and meaningful gatherings.
I promised I would send along the quote from Dana Gerhardt as well as some links you may enjoy. Thank you for your patience.
Regarding ritual….
“There is developmental value in repetition returning to the same moment, with similar intent, overtime. Nourished by the subtle weave of change, reflection, and return, transformations come. Dana Gerhardt

The study I referenced with amazing photos of water was by Dr. Emoto.

The link to Farmers Almanac Lunar calendar:

A neat site to check your own natal chart for free:

And my site is

If anyone has any questions or I forgot anything, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you again!

Energetic Healing

September 10
Self-Care Healing Circle: Reiki, Sound Healing, Crystals and Essential Oils

The Belchertown Women’s Collaborative met on the green in Belchertown to bring energetic healing. Gina Fasser, Jess Verrochi and Tammy Jordan are teamed up to share their experience in energy and self-care.