The Belchertown Women’s Collaborative meets twice per month, typically on Sundays. Please check “upcoming events” for details and logistics.

We seek to build a community of women who are passionate about learning and sharing gifts and talents with one another. This collaborative is for women 18 years and older from all backgrounds. There are no attendance requirements, come when you can! Each session we have a new attendee or two and many who attend frequently and some who have returned back after taking several weeks or months off. We hold the space for all new and returning members. Check out our “blog” to read about past events.

• We are committed to personal development
• We encourage each other by talking about goals, vision & commitments
• We hold ourselves & each other accountable to create a supportive collaborative built on trust and integrity

Andrea L. Bordenca is a co-founder, facilitator and champion of the Belchertown Women’s Collaborative.

Andrea is a leadership coach by training. And, just like a sports coach, Andrea is driven by seeing the transformational shifts that occur when people realize their full potential. This creates bigger games with winning strategies. Reading, writing, juggling, practicing aikido, participating in triathlons & obstacle course races with her husband and 3 kids is how Andrea trains for her work day.
Wishing to bring transformational value to a younger generation, Andrea is in the process of creating a non-profit to help kids find their leadership voice and create their winning game: Lead Yourself Youth, Inc.

Gina L. Fasser is a co-founder and facilitator of the Belchertown’s Women’s Collaborative

Gina is an Integrative Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Practitioner as well as a mother of two amazing boys. Her passion is getting to the root cause of illness and not just treating the symptoms of illness/disease. She has 20 years of experience in the Natural Supplement Industry as well as Essential Oils and is currently the Clinical Product Support Specialist for one of the leading professional brands of nutritional supplements: Designs for Health.
One of Gina’s other passion in life is to help others empower their life and bring their best self forward. Andrea and Gina partnered up on this vision by starting the Belchertown Women’s Collaborative.